The Mukti Mandap :


The Mukti Mandap :

It Is a pillared open hall with 16 pillars, an important seat of learning. The present mandap was rebuilt in 1578 A.D. Sanyasis of Shankaracharya Math of Puri and specially ordained learned Brahmin Pandits of adjacent 16 villages (Shasanas) are qualified to take their seat here and present their learned discourses.

Kalpa Bata :The ancient most tree {Primordial tree) is said to have been grown in the navel region of the Shankha Khetra. In the writings of Oriya poets, the tree bears many other synonyms, i.e,, Devanashana, Akshayabanchha or Vamshi Bata.

Rohini Kunda :The old Kunda is no more in existence. Instead, a small tub has been provided and in it one finds a carved stone image of Bhusandi Kaka (Crow) [ying flat in the floor of the tank. According to legend, a crow named 'Bhusanda' fell into this tank which contained 'Karana' water and was suddenly metamorphosed to a four-armed devotee of Narayana. In the other section of the Kunda. there is Nabhi Chakra in the shape of Nilachakra.