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Nabakalebar Festival 2016 Puri

Get The opportunity To See Changing Idols of Puri Temple

Nabakalebar is all about transformation of Puri temple, Odisha lords into the new body. The new wooden idols of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, Goddess Subhadra and Sudarshan are welcoming to the temple with great celebration and it is a great occasion for Odisha people. The new idols are carved and old ones are cremated with rituals mentioned in the century old Odia scriptures.

Depend on the almanac positions of Hindu calendar the transformation or the Nabakalebar takes place once in every 12 to 19 years. Usually it is held in that year when the month of Ashadha is followed by another Ashadha. The previous Nabakalebars were taken place in the years like 1969, 1978 and 1996 and this year again all devotees are getting the opportunity to see changing form of lords.

From a religious point of view the temple management and priest have to identify the holy tree with a group of search team as prescribed in the temple records. They trace the trees with support of divine dream, then next they start their stopover at Kakatpur, the abode of Goddess Mangala. After that carving of the idols, transfer of Bramha from old to new idol and finally sacred burial of old bodies of Lords are the major rituals which are combinely named as the process of Nabakalebar.

With the forthcoming Nabakalebar even at Puri to be held in this year 2016, are in the process. Both age-old complicated religious rituals leading to preparation of wooden idols to huge preparation on infrastructure from keeping in view massive transformation of devotees. To do everything in order, Puri Government is working on crowd management, law and order, health issues, transport services, parking facilities, safety measurements to give a hassle free service to meet the deadline well in advance.

Don’t Miss the Rare Opportunity to See Nabakalebara Rath Yatra in 2016

2016 is a great year for Lord Jagannath devotees as they are going to witness the rare Nabakalebara Rath Yatra, which almost comes in every twelve years. We all are lucky enough to see this special celebration on 06th July 2016 in the holy city of Puri, Odisha. In this special year, along with new chariot, new idols of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra and Sudashan are also come in front of every devotee.

The new idols of Lords are prepared through special Margo trees which should fulfil the entire extraordinary requirement to be a part of Devine power. Here are the steps which should be followed by Hindu rituals before preparing new deities. 1996 was the last year when the Nabakalebara had occurred and after a long gap it is again going to be organized in this year of 2016. It is going to be a grand ceremony. So from all around the world, people will come on Rath Yatra day, which is going to be observed on 06 July 2016. So if you want to get lucky enough to visit and see new lords in front of your eyes, book rooms at Toshali Sands from now onwards to be the first one to get the best accommodation for Rath Yatra.

Precise Features of Holy Trees For Nabakalebar

Nabakalebar is the periodical replenishment of the wooden images of Lord, Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra and Sudarshan that is happened in Puri temple of Odisha. 2016 is the fortune year, where Nabakalebar is going to take place. This year Puri Rath Yatra will be named as Nabakalebar Rath Yatra in 06th July 2016 is going to be special for world over devotees. Seeing the new avatar of Lords is in itself a great thing and devotees are waiting rigorously for the final day. Here are the brief description about the procedure of Nabakalebar festival, which is falls in every 12 to 19 years based on Hindu calendar.

The deities are going to change their bodies during leap month. So the procedure is like this, one lunar month of the Ashadha is followed by another lunar month of Ashadha. The Margo trees are selected every time for making deities. Any ordinary tree with extraordinary features can only become the body of the deity or Daru Bramha. The Darus should be different for each deity. Such as :

Lord Jagannath Daru features

Lord Balabhadra Daru Features

Goddess Subhadra Daru Features

Daru of Lord Sudarshan

Every year during Rath Yatra millions of people are visiting Puri; however this year it seems Nabakalebar Rath Yatra it is going to be overcrowded just to see the transformations of Lords. So this time to visit Puri and get blessings would be a difficult task.

Sacred Time Of Nabakalebar

Nabakalebar is the festival of Transformation of Deities into new bodies from old bodies. Based on Hindu calendar calculation and date within every twelve to nineteen years this festival gets organized. On this occasion the wooden images of the deities are replace by new ones in the Puri Jagannath temple.

During full moons of two Ashadh months (June-July) this festival has taken place. In every three years a lunar month is excluded to balance in between lunar and solar years to calculate this Naba kalebar period. The specific month, which was excluded from the calculation known as Adhimasa or Mala masa due to be believed as most inauspicious period for any rituals and religious ceremonies is taken place to conduct this Naba kalebar festival. Inauspicious month for the sacred renewal ceremony is named as Purusottama Masa. 1863, 1893, 1931, 1950, 1969, 1978 and 1996 are the consecutive years within last 100 years for Nabakalebar ceremony. This time it is this year 2016, July 06th is the sacred date for Nabakalebar.

The Puri Jagannath temple is making all arrangements for Nabakalebar Festival of 2016 in a grand manner in Odisha. All the servitors are assigned their consecutive works in fine order in the best possible manner on the occasion. Even the state Government are preparing for best services like widening roads, renewal of roads, giving well diversions in National highway to connect with other major roots, massive parking facilities , wide range of accommodation facilities are on its way of processing to accommodate huge number of devotees to be arranges comfortably in this holy city.